HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test (Strip/Cassette/Intermediate Vapor)

Product name: HCG Pregnancy Rapid TestCategory: Rapid TestPackage: 25pcs/box ,50pcs/box,100pcs/box,Sensitivity: 25mIU/mlSpecimen: UrineIntended Use :Used for early diagnosis of pregnancy Validity: 36 monthsBrand: OEM/GMP Packaging Details: As usual, we also can make as your requi

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Product name: HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test
Category: Rapid Test
Package: 25pcs/box ,50pcs/box,100pcs/box,
Sensitivity: 25mIU/ml
Specimen: Urine
Intended Use :Used for early diagnosis of pregnancy 
Validity: 36 months
Brand: OEM/GMP 
Packaging Details: As usual, we also can make as your requirement. 

HCG Test Strip Usage:
Method 1:
Dip strip in urine.Keep urine level below "MAX" line.
Place strip on a clean level surface as the solvent front reaches the membrane area.
Method 2:
Place strip on a clean level surface.
Apply three drops of urine on the exposed sample pad.
HCG Test Strip Result Reading:
Positive(Pregnant):Two distinct colored lines appear in the control line(C) and test line(T);
Negative(Non-Pregnant):One colored line appears in the control line region(C) only;
Invalid:No colored line appears in the control region(C) within 5 minutes, even if a line appears in the test line region(T). You should repeat the test with a new one.
HCG is a glycoprotein hormone secreted by the developing placenta during pregnancy. The concentration of HCG in serum is approximately equal to the concentration in urine. The concentrations of HCG in urine and serum continue to rise during the first trimester of pregnancy to as high as 100, 000mIU/ml. HCG appears in serum and urine shortly after conception, and continues to increase during the early stages of pregnancy, making it an excellent indicator for the detection of pregnancy. 
Pregnancy Test Kit     

HCG tests are available in strip, cassette and midstream format.
The One-Step hCG Pregnancy Test is suitable for both professional and home use.e.
Qualitative result in 3 minutes
99% accuracy
Take sample any time of day, only freight collect.
Original packaging should be stored in the 4-30 ºC, a cool, dark, dry place,  avoid to freeze.

HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test for Pregnancy (strip/cassette/midsteam)


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