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2022-04-01 03:59:29 By : Ms. Ying Wang

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Summer season is here and the hot weather could be troublesome for your furry friends considering the chances of your dog getting infected by fleas and ticks are more. The extreme heat can also lead to heatstroke and sunburn in pets while dehydration remains a constant worry during the season. (Also read: Pet care: How to protect your dog from parvovirus; symptoms to watch out for)

Natural remedies and prevention methods in pets may be a good idea considering they have no side-effects. Ayurveda, the ancient practice that dates thousands of years back and has been benefitting mankind also focuses on animal welfare. The Indian scriptures also mention veterinary medicine, treatment therapies and management.

In an interview with HT Digital, Ayurveda expert Kamakshi Kumar, Founder, Petveda shared dos and don'ts for pets during the hot weather.

Kumar says that boosting the immunity of pets through some natural herbs could increase their longevity, keep them healthy & disease-free and prevent infections.

"Herbs like Ashwagandha, Spirulina, Guduchi, Giloi, Alma and Haldi can be beneficial in strengthening the immune system and provide multiple additional benefits," says the Ayurveda expert.

"Adding natural health supplements rich in amla, tulsi, shatavari (Asparagus) can help maintain weight and make the pet feel energetic," she adds.

Summer foods and exercise routine

Heat not only affects our appetite but can also impact the food intake of our dear pets. Giving them light meals with lots of easy-to-digest eatables is a good idea.

"Fruits and probiotics like watermelon, coconut water, yogurt and cucumber make ideal summer foods," says Kamakshi Kumar.

Also make sure to keep clean water for the pet to drink at all times as dehydration is a concern during summers.

"Every pet desires an active lifestyle. During summers, a parent should make sure that their pet gets the desired exercise by taking them them for long walks and runs early morning or later in the evening when the sun is not shining bright," says the expert.

"Grooming is extremely important and a parent should take care to bathe their pet at least once in 10-15 days. Also, care should be taken to use pet friendly grooming products that are non-toxic, mild and specially formulated for use on pets," says the expert.

Kumar also shares the foods that pet parents should avoid giving their furry friends in summer season.

* Onions, grapes and raisins, egg plant, tomatoes, wheat and corn should be avoided as pets in general are sensitive to these foods.

* Chocolates and sweets in excess are considered toxic, causing excessive itchiness and skin allergies leading to poor coat health and loss of hair.

* Red meats and treats should also be given after careful consideration.

* Certain treats can contain unregulated ingredients and additives that can cause greater risk of food sensitivities in your pet. It is advisable to give unprocessed dried treats that are low in sugar andcarbohydrates and mainly containing fruits and vegetables.

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